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3 Tips for Dealing with Loneliness in Times of Corona

3 Tips for Dealing with Loneliness in Times of Corona

Keeping physical distance from other people is thought to be one of the most effective ways of limiting coronavirus infections. Some of us even have to spend time in quarantine, whether as a family, in a shared apartment or alone. This kind of forced isolation feels unfamiliar and unnatural, and can give rise to a host of unpleasant emotions. Even before the coronavirus crisis, being alone was something many of us struggled with. How can we make it easier?

1Recognize your needs

Sometimes we seek to give the impression – both to others and ourselves – that we are not really affected by the crisis, and not feeling lonely. We don’t want to complain, make other people worry or wallow in self-pity. These concerns are understandable. We often don’t want to allow ourselves to feel unpleasant emotions. 

But in the long term this is not a good strategy, because it means refusing to accept our own experience of the situation. That can often mean our emotions make their presence felt even more strongly. So it’s really important to recognize our need for intimacy, allow ourselves to sometimes feel sad and lonely, and allow others to see this, too.

In this way we are being good friends to ourselves during a time of crisis, showing ourselves empathy and accepting ourselves the way we are.

2Maintain relationships

Being alone does not have to mean being lonely. Even if circumstances dictate having as little physical contact with other people as possible, that doesn’t mean that we are not allowed any social contact at all. 

When you are feeling lonely it can really help to get in touch with others. If it’s not possible to meet in person, try a phone call, video call or voice message. See how it feels to talk about your feelings of loneliness. It can keep you feeling connected to others and even strengthen those connections.

3This too shall pass

Remind yourself that physical distancing is a temporary measure for this phase of the pandemic. Everything is changing all the time. A lot has already changed since the early weeks of the pandemic and things will continue to change. 

Think back to when you could be close to people and hug them, and remember that this will be possible again at some point – and that we will appreciate being together even more after this experience. 

You can read the full article with detailed tips and advice here:

Lonely in times of corona? These 3 tips can help!

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