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Stress and Coronavirus: Coping with the Crisis

We are all facing the challenge of having to adapt to the current situation and rearrange our lives. A great deal has changed since a few months ago. It’s completely understandable that so much change isn’t easy. 

We’ve put together a few tips for coping with this stressful situation as well as possible.

Find new routines

For most of us, COVID-19 has meant spending more time inside due to new arrangements such as working from home or part-time. In order to avoid cabin fever, it’s important to create set routines.

Try to stick to fixed working hours. Change out of your pyjamas and make time for regular breaks just as you would in the office. Also make sure to enjoy your free time after work.

It’s a good idea to incorporate activities that make you feel energised into your everyday routine. These “energisers” can be anything that makes you feel good: a walk around the block, a phone call with a friend, or a short yoga session. 

What shall I do with all my free time?

Suddenly having so much free time is uncharted territory for many of us. It sounds great at first, but can be a real challenge. Free time isn’t necessarily quality time. A day spent watching Netflix on the sofa doesn’t feel particularly fulfilling, and often doesn’t even bring the feeling of relaxation we were hoping for. 

Instead, try to use your new time for things that will actually help you recharge your batteries. You could try HelloBetter’s free online stress management training. It has been specially adapted to support you through the current challenge of coronavirus, and is available free of charge. Maybe you have a project that you’ve wanted to tackle for ages, or found it hard to exercise as much as you’d like when you were working full time. This is a great opportunity to consciously take time for those things that have fallen by the wayside, without feeling guilty.

Connect with others

For several weeks, we have only been able to see friends and family under restricted conditions. This might make you feel lonely. Try to connect and communicate with your loved ones as much as possible. They probably feel the same as you. 

Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you feel overwhelmed. As a first step, you can call the German Telefonseelsorge (0800 111 0111) or the HelloBetter hotline on 0800 000 9554 (daily from 8-8pm, free of charge from German landlines and mobile phones). These hotlines are operated in the German language. 

You’ll find more tips to help you stress-free through the coronavirus crisis in our blog “10 things we can do to deal with stress in the time of coronavirus“.

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