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How We Can See the Corona Shutdown as an Opportunity

A pandemic, a crisis, a global catastrophe – reading the news it’s difficult to find anything positive about the reality we are now living in. How can anything about the situation be positive?

A chance for a fresh start

On the one hand it seems absurd to try and find positives, especially if you or one of your loved ones has been directly affected by the virus. But nevertheless, in the long term we face the challenge of reorganizing our lives. We find ourselves at a watershed moment, giving us the chance to (finally) do things differently.

A chance to use time differently

It may well be that you suddenly have more time on your hands than before – whether through fewer social activities, reduced working hours or in the worst case becoming sick or losing your job. Perhaps – at some point – it will be possible to see this time as a gift. An opportunity to rethink things: what do you really want to do with your life? What changes could and should you make to be happier in the long term? Collect your ideas to get a sense of which plans make you feel good and which you would like to put into practice.

A chance for a change of pace

As well as concrete lifestyle changes, many of us could long have benefitted from slowing down and accepting things as they are. Now we are forced to do both of those things. Instead of feeling compelled to lead a quiet, uneventful life, we can make a conscious choice to do less and fight less against our feelings.

We can see the crisis and the forced suspension of normality as time out, giving us the opportunity to find a new life path. A more detailed explanation of what that might look like can be found here:

Corona Crisis: How We Can Use Our Time Well

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