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Overcoming Fear in Times of Coronavirus

It is possible to combat your anxiety

Constant new infection numbers, horrifying headlines from around the world, severe restrictions on social life – for many of us, the current situation is extremely frightening. We are afraid of infection and illness, afraid of the unknown, afraid of what might happen. And this fear can reach into every area of our lives.

What is fear?

Fear is a basic emotion that we are born with. It has a signalling function and is found in every culture in the world. The expression of fear can protect us from dangerous situations and warn our fellow humans. For example, we proceed cautiously when we are uncertain. The feeling of fear holds us back from getting into dangerous or life-threatening situations.

How much fear is too much?

However, being too fearful is a hindrance and can be very difficult for people affected by it. Too much fear can lead to avoidance behavior on a daily basis, with people no longer participating in once cherished activities. At the moment, it may even get to the point that somebody is so afraid of being infected with the virus that they no longer leave the house.

A high level of fear often goes hand in hand with feeling overwhelmed and powerless, which can then make the fear even stronger. In extreme cases, fear can make people very ill.

How can I cope with anxiety?

You are probably asking yourself what can be done to combat fear and anxiety. The good news is, a lot!

Click here on an article on 7 strategies for managing anxiety. If you know somebody who could also benefit from these seven strategies then please feel free to forward this video or the article.

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